Relaxing With Five Senses

This relaxation technique basically work on the sense organs by relaxing the channel between the brain and the sensory organs and leading to ultimate relaxation.

  • Eyes are the most sensitive sense organs and keep sending messages to the brain till the time they are open. To relax the sensory channel of vision we close our eyes.
  • Next most sensitive sense is the sense of hearing as every sound reaches the brain thus exhausting the ear to brain channel. Nature has not given us a ear lid to shut our ears from any input.
  • This relaxation technique uses and provokes your hearing sense so much that the mind finally get disinterested in any more sounds thus closing itself for any sound input.
  • To keep the channel of touch sense relaxed we keep our palm facing upward in shavasana without touching anything and arms and legs away from each other.
  • When the mind is free from all the inputs from any of the sensory organ and is free from all the unnecessary thoughts it will get the ultimate relaxation.

Lie down in savasana on your mat spread on the floor… feet separated shoulder width apart… feet flopping down to either side… hug yourself, reaching your palms to the opposite shoulder blades to keep shoulder blades away, and then gently bring your arms on the floor … arms a bit away from the body… chin tucked in  to extend the  back of the neck. You are doing a  conscious effort to relax your body, by moving the awareness from feet to the top of the head…check for any tightness or tension in any part of the body…consciously relaxing those parts by surrendering yourself to gravity… let go the weight of the body completely to the floor… surrender the weight of the body to the floor as if you are becoming one with the floor..

Gettting into relaxation

  • taking the awareness outside the room where you are.
  • Try and pick some sound and without holding to that sound move your awareness to another sound
  • move your awareness from sound to sound without holding on to any sound
  • take the awareness as far as you can , listen to the most distant sound.. and let it go
  • expand the awareness, …searching for the most faint sound
  • move on to the other sound untill you stop hearing any sound
  • Bring the awareness back to body to the sounds around you…
  • Feel the touch of clothes on the body… the touch of air on the exposed body parts.
  • Awareness inside the body… sound within the body… heart beat within
  • Awareness to breath…feel the natural sound of the the breath goes in feel the smell of the air.. without controlling the breath…
  • awareness inside the mouth, recall the prevalent taste in the mouth
  • relax all your senses, breathing conciously for 10-15 minutes gently open your eyes.

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