Balancing Asanas

When we balance we align our center of gravity with earth’s gravitational field, putting ourselves in balance with the natural force. When we balance on one foot our mind drops all extra thoughts and gets focussed at the task at hand. Simple asanas of balancing can induce in us the deep sense of calm, extreme focus and the ability to be currently present in the current moment. It not only involves us in flesh and bone but because the balance has to be refreshed from moment to moment mind also become steady calm and focused and we achieve balance on various levels. When we practice balancing postures we learn some practical lessons of how to stay grounded, to find our centre, stay focused and steady the mind. The process of falling down and trying again inculcate patience and perseverance with the sense of humour.

Physical benefits:   balancing asanas develop the functions of the cerebellum, the brain centre that controls how the body works in motion. These asanas improve muscle coordination and posture, inducing physical and nervous balance and stilling unconscious movements.

Psychological benefits: The focus required to perform these asanas with steadiness develops concentration and balance at the emotional, mental and psychic levels, removing stress and anxiety. For relief of excessive tension these asanas should be performed as long as possible.

Contra indication: People with the diseases of the cerebellum attempt balancing asanas only under expert guidance and after the consultation of doctor.

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