Union of Body-Mind-Breath

Yoga has a unique methodology to bring the trio of body, mind and breath together for our benefit. Each one of the three has a huge impact on the other and if the equilibrium between the three is disturbed it may tear us apart. One of the fruits of Yogic practice is the realisation of interconnection between the mind, body and breath. They interact in a way that the science is only beginning to understand. It is always advisable to begin with the breath and we can easily see its connection with the mind.

“If the body is disturbed, mind will be restless and the breath will be shallow.
If theĀ  mind is disturbed, body will not be at ease and breath will be shallow and unsteady .
If the breath is disturbed, mind and body are ought to be disturbed.”

The reverse is also true

Thus we can see in our own lives how the trio of body-mind-breath is intertwined.

TheĀ negative effect on any one affects the other two negatively, similarly any positive change in either of the three will affect the other two positively.

We can actually control one to control all the three. The simple techniques of Yoga will help you do so.

By just controlling our breath we can control our mind and even our body.

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