Inverted Asanas

Inverted asanas as the name suggests are any asanas in which the level of the head comes below the level of the heart. They can more be understood as up-side-down asana.

Understanding Inverted Asana

Inverted asana reverse the action of gravity on the body and every thing gets pulled towards the head. This category of asana encourages the blood flow to the brain nourishing the brain cells and flushing the toxins.

To perform inverted asana it requires body strength, mental focus. Physical and mental balance is acquired after continuous practice of Inverted asana. There are partially inverted as well as fully inverted asana. Fully inverted asana like Head Stand are considered to be the advanced asana and should be performed correctly and with utmost care.


Physical benefits of Inversions

As the body is in physically upside down position the gravitational pull on the body is reverse than it is usual. Blood and lymph that generally get accumulated in the lower limbs, pelvis and abdomen is drained back to the heart, purified and recirculated to the body. While the body is in inverted asana the breath becomes slow and deep, maximizing the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen thus encouraging correct respiration. These postures improve health, reduce anxiety and stress.

Physiological benefits of Inversions

All the internal organs get pulled in the opposite direction with blood reaching the otherwise unreachable places. The enriched blood flow to the pituitary gland allows it to operate more efficiently, tuning the entire endocrine system.

Psychological benefits of Inversions

In inverted asana we view the world in upside down manner. Not only does these asana change our physical view but they work similarly on the emotional and psychological levels. They give us a new perspective to the scenario by throwing new light on old patterns of behavior and being.

Scary as they look, when one learn to achieve these asana with full control and confidence it induces confidence in the personality of the person and enhances self-confidence.

Contra indication of Inversions

people suffering from heart conditions, weak back, blood pressure, cervical issues and women during menstruation and pregnancy should not practice inverted asana.

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