Spine Twisting Asanas

Spine is the central axis around which we balance ourselves. A flexible spine is considered vital for maintaining a healthy body. We must move our spine systematically through its full range of motion which means we should move it from the neutral position to bend forward, bend backward, and twist to the left and right

Understanding Twisting Asana

Twisting the spine makes the spinal column more flexible and stimulates the spinal nerve. Twisting asana have a strong influence on the abdominal muscles and nourishes the internal organs such as pancreas, kidneys, stomach, small intestines, gall bladder, liver and even rejuvenates the tissues. Thus we can say that twists have a strong influence on total health and vitality.

What do Twisting asana do?

Twist asana in common make the following effect on the practitioner:

  • Stretch the side of the waist that is in the opposite side of the twist.
  • Shoulder blades of the twisted side are contracted towards the bend
  • Overall spine twist is experienced
  • Relaxes hip joints
  • Shoulders open up

Physical benefits of Twisting Postures

Twist poses generally work on three areas- Spine, hip joints and shoulders. They twist the spine, relax and open the hip joints and also open the shoulders.

Twist takes place towards one side and are asymmetric in nature thus there is a relative effect on left and right side of the body. What one side of the body will feel the other side will not feel the same thus twists should be performed on both sides to maintain balance.

Physiological benefits of Twisting Postures

Twisting asanas lead to a good nervous impulse, nice healthy and toned walls of organs, all organs get massaged, kidney is massaged so better filtration takes place

Psychological benefits of Twisting Poses

Since the left and right side of the body feel opposite, it helps in maintaining a balance in the nervous system and we become more accepting and adaptable to take challenges of life. Twisting and untwisting represents the knots and problems we encounter in life and twisting asanas give us the insight to untying these knots of life. These asanas enable us to take all extremes- happiness, sorrow, pain and grief gracefully. Twist is actually a balance between the forward and back ward bends and should be practiced after back bends and forward bends.

Contra indication of Twisting Poses

people with back and spine problem should use twists only to the level of flexibility permitted by their body.

Pregnant women should avoid doing twisting poses.

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