Yoga for Beginners in First Trimester of Pregnancy

The category of beginners apply to those ladies who are not regular yoga practitioner and have just started the practice only for their pregnancy. Their body may show a lot of stiffness and because of this the beginners may be apprehensive in the beginning. This is the reason why the beginners should take it slow and steady throughout each term. The sequence of postures mentioned in this article is mild and encouraging. There would be use of certain props in various postures to increase the comfort level and safety for the practicing woman. This would make the yogasanas effortless and even the first timers will be at ease with them.

Sequence of Postures

This is the sequence I myself followed during my pregnancy. What I am mentioning here is based on my personal experience. It is a very mild sequence that takes about half an hour to 1 hour and can be introduced to a pregnant woman from the very beginning.


 Virasana the Hero pose

Veerasana on blockVirasana is the pose of the ‘Vira’ or ‘Hero’ in the sitting position.
Pain and swelling in the leg is a common feature during pregnancy. It can be painful and even restrict the movement. Virasana will relieve such a condition thus giving relief from pain and swelling. Pregnant women can even be fearsome in their yoga practice but this posture, just as it’s name implies, instills courage and confidence in them. This posture is easy to practice during the first trimester and in the later stages you may need to ease it out with props.


– It is a very good starting posture that will re-instill your courage with the ongoing practice
– It will prevent and relieve the swelling and pain from legs
– It prevents fatigue and exhaustion
– Strengthens the spine

>Getting into the posture

– Come up on your knees on the floor
– keeping your knees together, spread your feet little more than your hip distance
– Extend the toes back, soles facing the sky.
– L
ower your buttocks, until they touch the floor.
– To come out of the posture, gently spread your knees,  keep the chest lifted up and bend forward to place your palms on the floor and come on all fours (palms and knees). Straighten the legs backward, one at a time and then gently bring them forward.

>How to make it easy

If extending the toes backward is difficult, you may keep them horizontal, big toes touching each other.
– In case you find it difficult to bring your buttocks on the floor, then keep a folded towel, a bolster or a wooden block underneath.

Usually this posture is easier to perform during the 1st trimester and becomes difficult in the upcoming trimesters with increasing weight and bulging abdomen. In such a situation it is ideal to keep the buttocks on a little height as mentioned above.

>Quick Checks

– Chest lifted up
– Spine straight
– Neck erect
– Look straight ahead
– Keep your groin and thighs down
– Soft and effortless breathing


Start in the beginning with 30 seconds or even as less as 15 seconds depending upon your comfort. Never try to push yourself or compete with anyone. Gradually increase the duration. You may stay in the posture for up to 1 to 2 minutes.

1st Trimester – Yes
2nd Trimester – Yes
3rd Trimester – Yes

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