Yoga for Beginners in First Trimester of Pregnancy

Baddha Konasana

Baddha-KonasanaBound Angle Pose: This is the most recommended asana for a pregnant women. It tones the kidneys and the pelvic region and also relaxes the respiratory system. It should be performed by keeping the back straight and breath relaxed.


It relieves the back pain and strengthens the muscles of the pelvic area and the lower back.
Relaxes the pelvic muscles and relieves the compression of the vagina, anus and lower part of the spine.
Lessens the frequent passing of urine and helps eliminate the vaginal discharge.
This posture and Upavishta Konasana are the ideal postures to train your muscles for delivery. During delivery, the lower part of the spine (the sacrum) gets tremendously pressurized. These two postures strengthen these parts, build up tolerance to pain and maintain required suppleness to bear the strain.

>Getting into the posture

Sit in dandasana on a folded blanket so that your buttocks are lifted by 3-4 inches.
Lift the chest then bend your legs from the knees and bring the feet closer to the groin.
Gently drop the knees to the side and keep the sole of the feet touching each other.
Bring the heels towards the perineum, widen your thighs and let the knees reach the floor. In case it is difficult to touch the floor with the knees then place a support under the knee like folded blanket or a wooden block. Gradually keep reducing the thickness of support so that the knees can slowly reach the floor.

>How to make it easy

Keep the back rested against a wall, so that it does not require any extra effort to keep the back straight especially in the advanced stages of pregnancy.
In case the knees cannot reach the floor then place a support under them, such as a folded blanket or a wooden block. Keep reducing the thickness of support so that the knees can slowly reach the floor

>Quick Checks

Hold the feet firmly and lift up the torso from the navel. Firmer the grip of your hands on the feet, better would be the lift of the torso
Press the sides of the shin bone down
Chest lifted up. Open your chest by pushing the shoulder blades into the back ribs


Start by staying in the posture from 30-60 seconds. Gradually increase the duration till 5 minutes or even more. To sit longer, keep the back rested against a wall so that it is supported throughout and you feel no back strain.

1st Trimester – yes
2nd Trimester – yes
3rd Trimester – yes

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