Yoga for Beginners in First Trimester of Pregnancy

Parvatasana from Virasana

Parvatasana-from-VirasanaThis posture is performed in virasana by lifting your arms up. While lifting the arms you pull yourself up thus stretching your spine and keeping it erect.


– Relieves back-pain
– Relieves intestinal gas
– Lessens fatigue
– Stretches the abdominal muscles upwards thus creating more space in the abdomen, for the safe growth of the baby within

>Getting into the posture

– Come into Virasana,
– Interlock your fingers with right thumb on top,
– Turn your wrist with palm facing out,
– Extend your arms front at shoulder level,
– Raise your arms up, palms facing the sky.
To come out of the posture, gently spread your knees,  keep the chest lifted up and bend forward to place your palms on the floor and come on all fours (palms and knees). Straighten the legs backward, one at a time and then gently bring them forward.

>Repeat the posture with fingers interlocked and left thumb on top.

>How to make it easy

– Sit on a blanket, block or bolster in case it is difficult to bring the buttocks down on the floor, or if the abdomen presses against thighs.
– If you find it difficult to keep the knees together then put a belt around the knee.
– In case you feel tired, sit against a wall with your back resting on the wall.

>Quick Checks

– Arms are straight from the armpit.
– Elbows are straight.
– Chest lifted up, throat relaxed.
– Lift yourself up from the floating ribs, this will expand the chest cavity.
– Breathe normally


Remain in this position from 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat, with fingers interlocked and left thumb on the top and stay in the pose for 20 to 30 seconds

1st Trimester – Yes
2nd Trimester – Yes
3rd Trimester – Yes

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